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Bon Voyage, Bull


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In this life, you are very lucky if you have a few people who see something special in you. Well, besides your mother.  And if you are smart and aware, you embrace that good fortune and turn it into a belief in yourself.

Uncle “Bull” has always been that person in my life. We don’t have a ton of things in common with the exception of good TV, cooking, and an unwavering love and devotion for my mom – his sister. But he has always looked out for me and protected from afar in a way that has always held a really special place in my heart.

I’m just sorry I’ve waited to long to say that out loud.  Fear not, he is still with us, but he is moving to Florida – a bold, adventurous choice for anyone who has always lived in the same region all of their life. But in our family, it goes beyond brave. It’s groundbreaking since we all stay within a 15-mile radius much of our lives. I’ve got some wanderlust in my heart – not enough to admire or pursue in any real way – but it’s there. So my admiration for someone who chooses to explore unchartered territory on their own is BIG.

So dear uncle, thanks for always believing in me and seeing the best in me. You will always have a very special place in my heart – I just wish I told you sooner.

And fear not, I will be making good use of that guest room.



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