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Savor the Moment


Yesterday marked the third anniversary of a very sad day for us. Rather than wallowing in that day of loss, I chose to celebrate life — a satisfying brunch at a restaurant I’d been wanting to try, a visit to one of our favorite wine bars, a stroll around Rittenhouse Square in the early snow, and a little holiday shopping with my husband.

It wasn’t perfect. I was distracted by that old pull to immerse myself in the past vs. living in the moment. But I pushed through it and created some new memories. When you are lost in over thinking or caught in that cycle of self-involvement (I know – I’ve been there), focus on one small thing. It could be anything like savoring each sip of a wine you’ve never tried before, the act of making something like a pot of hearty soup or an entry in your journal, or taking the time to enjoy the quiet through a simple meditation that allows you to reset the pace. For me, it was standing on Walnut St., grabbing my husband’s hand and realizing that I finally allowed myself to move forward. In that moment, I felt hopeful and happy. Not sad. Not depressed. Not angry.

For me, December has always been a month of contemplation. That is even more true now, but I’m trying to observe the present instead of re-examining what happened last year or what this holiday SHOULD have been like. It is what it is and I want to make the best of it – just as it is.

These photos – taken by my husband – reflect how I feel right now. They represent some of my favorite spots in the city during a fresh snow. Plus they serve as a reminder to enjoy the moment and find pleasure in the little things…

snow1 snow2    snow7

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  1. Erin #

    This hit so close to home today. I have been an emotional mess lately, for many reasons… December has been hard here too. Anyway, you are so right. I am ready to embrace the present!

    December 15, 2013

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