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A New Direction

I heard a great phrase during one of my meditations this week – “Perceived failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.” Wow. I have resisted failure for as long as I can remember. I wasn’t the smartest kid in class, but I worked really hard and earned the best grades. I may not have all of the answers at work, but I’ve got passion, strong instincts and unique insights that I hope bring value to what I do each day. I make my fair share of mistakes when it comes to relationships, but it is never for lack of love or passion. 

Over the years, I’ve looked for perfection in myself, my relationships, and my career. No surprise, I’ve been incredibly disappointed by this never-ending search on all fronts. Perfection is a waste of time. Being real, honest, authentic, and resilient? That is personal success. 

I’m someone who looks for meaning in everything – probably to a fault. But could failure – something thing I’ve tried so hard to avoid throughout my life – be the thing that moves my life where it was meant to go? Failure is painful, embarrassing, and, as it turns out, often necessary to learn and grow. In fact, I’ve undoubtedly learned more from my worst job experience than my best and my biggest personal failure changed my life in every way, but also taught me I could rise from the ashes.

Yet, there will always be those people that try to make you feel like a failure vs. building you up to succeed. I used to thing that was about me, but now I realize it’s not.  Those obsessed with their own standard of perfection and judge others based on that – it’s their issue, not mine. And that  perceived failure? Well, it just made me stronger and pushed me in a direction I was meant to go. So thank you.

When one door closes….

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  1. eleanor #

    wonderful “aha” moment Cheri…you know your family knows you best and accepts you and loves you…as well as your extended family…perhaps what you perceive as failure, others may not…I have been on this earth a very long time and as you may have noted, I stopped trying to be perfect some time ago…what you see is what you get…true, even the age spots are real! But what others may perceive as failure or submission is merely accepting and being genuinely content with my personal self…

    November 18, 2013

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