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Food for Thought

cropped-istock_000010809009_medium.jpgI love food. I enjoy cooking. But I’m a little tired of talking about it. In fact, there’s so much more I’d like to explore – my home, relationships, pop culture, literature, marriage, parenthood, psychology. Okay, you get the picture. The problem is this blog was designed to talk about my kitchen, or for that matter, “Not My Mother’s Kitchen.” Is there room to grow?

When you think about, life happens in the kitchen. It’s where you make decisions, listen to your kids tell you about their day, fight with your husband, think about your next vacation, etc. It’s the heart of the home. So as an experiment, I’m turning the tables on this blog and may start exploring topics outside the realm of food and cooking. Maybe it is a phase, or no one will care. Or maybe it will just be for me. Let’s see how it goes…

Each morning starts the same way. I hit snooze four times, drag myself to the shower, and then stand in front of my closet with that same thought…”I have nothing to wear.” The fact is, I have a lot to wear and with a little planning and organization I would get a lot more use out of my wardrobe. And if I felt more put together, I would probably be nicer to my husband who greets most mornings with hope and a smile. Grrrr….

So what if I set an intention? Or started the day with a little meditation? What if I looked for more of those moments of joy instead of looking for the rub? I often find a lot of inspiration from GPS for the Soul on Huffington Post and feel that many of the articles were written just for me (of course I do!).  “Why Setting an Intention Every Morning Will Change Your Life” is a perfect example. It jumped off the page and slapped me across my cheek this morning.  

Some highlights:

  • So when you open your eyes, ask yourself: “How do I want to feel?” Is it to feel… loved? Wholesome? Nurtured? Like a Rockstar? Choose the one that permeates your being (cue sultry voice) — “Oo, yes that is exactly how I want to feel.”
  • Starting your day with an intention will leave you willing and available to say “no” to what is not serving you in your life.
  • When you get clear on how you want to feel, you can make clear decisions that create the life you truly desire to live. The moment you tap into the feeling, you get your power back.

Lately, I am ALL about creating the life I truly want to live. I want – okay I need – to let go of the noise and roadblocks that are no longer serving me in my life. Reclaiming that power sounds good.

Tomorrow morning, I will try again…

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  1. eleanor #

    Getting up in the morning with a smile is possibly an inherited trait…I have it, Mom had it. Happy until the first or second person ra
    ined on our morning parade, that is….

    November 7, 2013
  2. william j morrissey #

    cheri, even after 58 years i still share some of the same doubts that you have.but what i have learned is that if you have love in your life it will give you enough strength to look at each day and maybe hit the snooze button only once.every moment of every day your love matters to me and keeps me strong.thank you for being you! love, u.b.

    November 7, 2013
  3. cherala34 #

    Hey UB – if that doesn’t make me feel great, nothing will. I’m extremely LUCKY to have this wacky, loving, sarcastic, strong family and am grateful for all of you. lu back.

    November 8, 2013

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