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Food Shopping 101

Many kids have memories of food shopping with their moms, pulling items on the shelf, begging for that candy bar at checkout. I am not one of those kids. I honestly have no memory of food shopping with my mom as a kid. I’m not even sure how food got into our house.

My mom didn’t get her license until I was 8 and didn’t like to drive far once she did. Then the unthinkable happened – the local Acme (a mere four blocks from our house) burned to the ground when I was 15. It was tragic. Would we ever eat again? What would become of us?

Unlike my dear sweet momma, I love shopping for food. Whether it’s a farmers market or a big old supermarket, I enjoy roaming the stands or aisles and putting meal ideas together as I shop. Earlier this week I took a mini road trip to the King of Prussia Wegmans. It was as fabulous as I expected. Enormous, sleek, clean and chock full of speciality kiosks like a gourmet cheese counter and a Mediterranean bar with fresh olives, tapenade, artichokes. I didn’t know what to grab first, but eventually settled on some fresh mozzarella, a salty, melt in your mouth bleu cheese, an organic whole chicken and some gluten-free pizza shells. And if I were single and hated to cook I’d probably move in just for the take out thai, asian and indian hot bar.

Today, I kept things a bit more simple at the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market where I made some new, local discoveries:

  • Momspops – homemade popsicles that are vegan and dairy, gluten, soy, and nut free. They are made by a local mother and son. Ryan tried the Chocolate Sea Salt. Delicious. Plus it made me happy to see swirls of little kids running around with popsicle juice all over their faces (including Ryan).
  • Good Spoon Soups – a variety of wholesome soups and stews for all seasons, available packaged for retail sale or in bulk for wholesale food service. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are regularly available. We sampled the Sweet Corn Poblano Bisque and bought a quart to take home. Sweet, spicy and good hot or cold.

Check these folks out at your next visit to the farmers market. And if this is not enough incentive I heard that Harrison Ford was at today’s Rittenhouse Square market. Add that to the list of “things I hate to hear since I moved out of the city.” 

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  1. eleanor c.bisick #

    Cheri, Mom got her driver’s license sometime around 1951 ..but she never took us kids shopping unless she was going to buy us clothes or shoes. I was in my teens when Mom would go to the slaughter house and buy a half or whole beef and have them custom cut it, the stories I could tell! We canned most of what came out of our huge truck garden or stored it in the root cellar.When I was a young wife and later, Mom and i and my grandmother would go shopping. Mom was a brand name shopper and only certain brands..she very seldom tried something new…..oh, and we always shopped at the same store…

    August 25, 2012
    • cherala34 #

      I do remember driving around to five stories every other Saturday morning with my aunt and grandmom to get chicken, eggs, and pasta. They only bought their meats from Carl the butcher. We drove to another store to get brown eggs (which I thought was weird at the time). And she only bought fresh pasta from a store in Springfield. Looking back, I get it! and I kind of miss it.

      August 26, 2012

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