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The Allure of the Wine Bar

Paris, 2009. One of my favorite honeymoon pictures from a little cafe across from the Louvre.

My funny valentine knew the way to my heart this year – a wine bar. I love wine bars, but particulary warm, friendly, neighborhood wine bars that know how to make a good cheese platter for under $5.

This Valentine’s Day Eve, my husband surprised me with a visit to a new local wine bar – Jet Wine Bar on South Street in Philadelphia — a little unassuming place with a nice selection of wines from around the world and a quaint menu to boot. The owner, Jill Weber, is an archaeologist and the chef is formerly of Rouge. Makes for a nice combination. 

The place is tiny and the menu is small but that was all right up my alley – little snacks like savory scones, olives and spiced nuts; tarts (ham and leek or a fig and fennel); sandwiches; meat platters; and of course the cheese. We sampled the Provolone Auricchio (on the menu) and a really nice Spanish bleu cheese (off the menu) followed by a Valentine’s dessert – a chocolate tart.

All in all, much smaller than Tria or Vintage, but intimate with a very “local” vibe. I liked that. Plus it gives me hope that more places like this will pop up on that section of South Street.

Check it out.


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  1. Fran LaSpada #

    Really sounds like a fun spot and love the menu choices.

    Maybe we could visit on my next “trip” to the “City”

    Love you!


    February 15, 2011
  2. aunt eleanor #

    One: I just knew Ry would come through…he IS a keeper!

    Two: we must talk about a visit… I would really like to come down, doubt i would drive, probably get the train…

    three: would like some help setting up a blog about my garden life….

    last but not least: keep up the blogs, love ’em!

    February 17, 2011
    • cherala34 #

      He is a keeper:) Yes, that sounds nice. You should wait until we have our house though…hopefully a few months. But you can certainly come before that too. Sure, if I can do it, it can’t be that hard:)
      I might be up for Bess’ bday so let us know those plans. My email is

      February 17, 2011

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