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A Foodie’s Wish List

We are in limbo here at Not My Mother’s Kitchen. Yes, I’ve been cooking. Yes, I’ve got recipes to share. And yes, I even got that new camera I’ve been wanting! Problem is I haven’t quite figured out how to download the pics yet.  So what have I made lately? Broccoli soup with almond milk and vegetable broth (turned out quite good actually), butternut squash and pumpkin soup,  apple squash gratin, an easy cassoulet and some decadent pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing (for Ryan’s work bunch). I even have some recipes to share. Just not the photographic proof yet, which is a darn shame since this new camera is fab-u-lous! I even replaced my broken pie plate with a new le Creuset one that I found for $14. So what more could a girl want? Well, every holiday season I find myself asking for a few new cookbooks or food related books. This year will be no different. I’ve narrowed down my wish list to just three. Family and friends pay attention.

Around My French Table: This new cookbook from Dorie Greenspan is a collection of recipes from Dorie’s time spent living and cooking in France. A modern day “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” I’m told. Yes, I’m sold.

In the Green Kitchen: Another cookbook from Alice Waters. This one covers the most basic of the basics, from stocking the pantry and washing lettuce to boiling pasta and wilting greens.

The Dirty Life: Yes, I’m a sucker for any memoir that combines food and love. The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food and Love tells the story of a single writer in New York City whose life changes when she visits a cooperative farm in upstate New York.

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