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The Art of Eating In


Sometimes a challenge finds you just at the right time. I’m an avid reader of Huffington Post and recently came across an interesting article about one of its bloggers, Cathy Erway, who last year decided not to eat out in restaurants for two full years and embrace the value of home cooking instead. She started a popular blog about her adventures, Not Eating Out in New York and just wrote a book, “The Art of Eating In: How I Learned To Stop Spending and Love The Stove”, about her time in the kitchen. Now, the Huffington Post is inviting all of us to participate in the Art of Eating Challenge.

So what is the Art of Eating In Challenge?

What: A week-long experiment in cooking your own food. Huffington Post will provide commentary and how-to’s on everything from how to not waste food to great winter recipes. Participants will be invited to share their experiences with the HuffPost Community.

 February 22-28th, 2010.

Who: Anyone from eco-warriors to average Joes, from to accomplished gourmands to first-time novices are invited to participate. i.e. – ALL OF US!

Why: This will save you money and get you eating healthier food and it is a fun consciousness-raising activity in better understanding where your food comes from. If you know what you are eating, that’s the first step in making good food decisions for you AND the planet.

Where: Everywhere! There are no restrictions — anyone and everyone can participate.

Just sign up and take the pledge to tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter what you’re up to. The more people you get to Eat In with you, the more people you could cook with, have potlucks with, or invite over to dinner!

The Rules:

  • Use basic, whole food ingredients to prepare food, avoiding pre-packaged, pre-made food, like frozen dinners and ready-to-eat canned goods, but there are no strict rules.
  • Eat all the junk food you want — as long as you make it yourself.  

Get Started:

Click on this awesome slideshow explaining the most important and common food buzzwords and why they are important. In addition to exploring the environmental costs of eating out and where our food comes from, Cathy will be sharing everything from tasty winter dishes to kitchen must-haves.

I’m in and I’d love to share the challenge with all of you. If you are interested, post a comment here and send your ideas, experiences and recipes to Not My Mother’s Kitchen and our dedicated, faithful and small group of readers (again, thanks Mom!)

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  1. Fran LaSpada #

    I think I could do this for a week (at least I can – your Dad – I’m sure he could never eat three meals at home). I need to start preparing a list so I can meet the challenge head on. I like the fact that you could eat all the “junk food” as long as you made it. That would make me stay away from junk foods for sure!!

    February 18, 2010

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