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My New Cooking Mascot

“Not My Mother’s Kitchen” has a new mascot – our new, 12-week old tabby kitty. As you can see, he is extremely cute. He also happens to be very rambunctious and curious. I’m not a pet person. In fact, with the exception of a brief stint with a hamster, I’ve never owned a pet. When I was about 9 or 10, my brother and I BEGGED hamsters from Santa. On Christmas Eve, I laid in my bed and said a prayer that went something like this: “Dear God, I decided I do NOT want hamsters since I am afraid of them.” Sure enough, Santa brought us two hamsters. My hamster tried to kill my brother’s hamster and the whole family lived in fear for months on end.


The new sous chef

 Fast forward nearly 30 years, I’m now a pet owner with my husband, an animal lover with a lot of kitty cat experience.  To celebrate, I whipped up one of my favorite meals – jerk seitan over corn and diced sweet potatoes with paprika, cayenne pepper and salt. Kitty (name still TBD) sat by my feet while I made the meal. And I wasn’t afraid… 


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