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For the Love of Brunch

I am still amazed that my husband can love me even on my worst days. This weekend I had one of those days. Maybe it was that we had spent the last 72 hours together non-stop or perhaps I was just moody. Regardless, I was in a funk so “we” decided I needed a Cheri day – or maybe just Ryan was just finding a polite way to run for the hills. Either way, I pulled my cranky butt out of bed, took a shower and chose a nice pick-me-up outfit from my closet (including jewerly!) and took myself out to brunch.

I love brunch like a love a great sale, the first day of autumn and a good hair day. Occassionally, we venture beyond our Cafe Lutecia routine and explore the vast brunch opportunities in Philadelphia. Today, I chose Café Apamate, a traditionally Spanish restaurant on 16th and South.

We’ve enjoyed many a brunch there and it is always one of those places I feel totally comfortable on my own as well. Strong, rich coffee and intensely delicious churros are menu standouts, but the main reason I go is for the Tostas con Pisto – stewed green & yellow squash, onions, garlic, tomatoes & eggplant served over toasted bread & topped with a poached egg served with a house salad of mixed greens, sliced strawberries, onions, pine nuts & their clásico dressing. I would eat this for breakfast everyday if I could.

On this particular day, I would have preferred the dish to be served a bit warmer, but still a wonder. The combination of the stewed vegetables, the crips bread and a perfectly poached egg make my mouth so happy – in fact I forgot why I was even in a bad mood earlier that day. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I had to make do with my cell phone:


Here are some my other favorite brunch spots in the city:

Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat: Located on 4th & Brown in Northern Liberties. This is quite a hike from our apartment, but worth the walk. Huge servings. Great vibe. Best. Latkes. Ever.

Parc: I anxiously awaited the opening of this French bistro before I went to Paris and continue to feverishly anticipate the few opportunities I have to go there on our limited budget now. It never fails to remind me of the cafes in Paris. Recently, we treated ourselves to brunch there during the huge snowstorm before Christmas. The top-notch omelet, decadent bread basket and a window table with a view of Rittenhouse Square in its winter glory made for a great start to the holidays.

Sabrina’s Cafe: This Bella Vista brunch hotspot is known for great food and very long lines. This charming location in the heart of the Italian Market dishes out one of the best brunches in town. Inevitably, you will be torn between the sweet vs. savory options – my consistently biggest dilemma when it comes to brunch. This is also a hike from our apartment, but that’s a good thing because you need to walk off this super filling meal.

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