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A Recipe for New Year’s Resolutions

Well, another year is upon us and I’m making another set of resolutions. Surprisingly, I actually kept quite a few of my New Year’s resolutions in 2009: create a blog, start my own business and run an actual mile (you have to start somewhere!). So 2010 better watch out! Next year, I resolve to be healthier and more active, grow my business and my family, better manage my finances and finally read a couple of classics that I’ve had on the backburner for some time. But on the cooking front, I’ve got a whole separate set of resolutions that will hopefully come to life on this blog throughout the next year. And if they don’t – you can just call me out on that and get me back on track!

1.  Master Five Meals: I’ve experimented with a lot of new dishes in 2009, but I am going to master five great dinners in 2010 a la Julia Child style. Translation: I will test these recipes several times until I get them just right.

2.  Buy Local, Organic: I know the benefits of buying and eating local and organic, but sometimes I am just lazy. This year, I am more committed than ever to ensuring that we eat as much local, organic and in-season food as possible and not wasting anything we purchase – something I was terribly guilty of until last year.

3. Use New Cookbooks: My husband bought me two outstanding new cookbooks for Christmas (and a beautiful saucier pan from Williams & Sonoma): Veganomican and Love Soup.

I’ve been wanting Veganomican for quite some time and already made one dish so far. Both books offer numerous healthy, creative recipes for vegetarians and I’m pouring through both right now to find those five new dishes I plan to master in the new year.

4.  Patience and Presentation: My two biggest flaws in the kitchen are lack of patience and poor presentation.  In order to master five good meals, I must learn to be patient, slow down and take the time to present the best dish possible.

5. Organize My Pantry: When your kitchen is the size of a small closet, it truly becomes a matter of surival to be well organized. My re-organization began in December, but it is just the beginning. From stocking essential ingredients to creating structure among the cabinets and pantry cabinet, I vow to have order.

So what are your foodie resolutions for 2010?? I’d love to hear from you. Happy New Year!

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  1. uncle bill #

    cheri,how about #6 CREATE A DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY MEAL IN A SLOW COOKER! perhaps a favorite uncle gave you a slow cooker for christmas.
    love, u.b.

    January 5, 2010

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