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Home for the Holidays

We are looking at a lean Christmas this year so I’ve taken to making some of my gifts. Next week, I’m planning on doing some unprecedented baking and candy making with my mother in her kitchen, which I promise to document on this blog. But I’ve also been looking into some other food related gifts for extended family and friends. Below are some of my favorite finds. All of these gifts can be given in a jar with a pretty ribbon and a personalized label. Click here to find holiday gift tags for your homemade gifts this year.

Our Christmas Tree

Vanilla Syrup: Food in Jars is a great website by local foodie Marisa McClellan. Her homemade vanilla syrup can be used to sweeten coffee or used as a quick glaze for your baked goods. She has a number of great recipes in a jar like homemade crackers and yummy jams that would make a perfect holiday gift.

Herbs de Provence Salt: Last Christmas, I made this gourmet salt mixture as small gifts for my cousins and a few friends. I found it on the Whole Foods website with several other foodie gift ideas. I use this mixture quite frequently in my cooking and it is a great addition to steak, chicken, potatoes, scones or rolls.

Maple-Nut Granola: Eating Well magazine offers a nice heart-healthy granola recipe. You can swap out your favorite nuts or dried fruit to customize your own blend.

Vegan Multigrain Pancake Mix: There is nothing like a stack of fluffy pancakes. This is another great recipe from Cathe Olson. I have her cookbook and it is an excellent resource for vegans and vegetarians. Pair this mix with a bottle of maple syrup for the perfect gift. 

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