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There’s a scene in Julie & Julia where Julie Powell remininces about her mother cooking Beef Bourguignon from “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child for a special dinner for her father’s boss. Well, my father didn’t have a boss and my mother didn’t own a cookbook, but I, like Julie, love to pour over a good cookbook.

If you like to cook, you probably collect recipes all over the place like I do. I rip some out of magazines, tag the pages of my cookbooks, save them on my laptop, etc. Wouldn’t it be easier if I could just create my own cookbook? Welcome to Tastebook. TasteBook lets you choose from one of three levels — $19.99, $29.95, and $34.99 (each price corresponds to a certain number of recipe pages). Every TasteBook is customizable. You can choose a cover from six pages of choices, and you can include a dedication page. Tastebook lets you organize recipes you already have or allows you to purchase recipes from a variety of cooking websites and magazines like Food Network, Food & Wine Magazine, and Cooking Light. Not only is a great idea for your kitchen, but it is an excellent gift for the foodie in your life (hint, hint, hint!). Right now I’ve got about 5-6 cookbooks on my wish list and a “Not My Mother’s Kitchen” Tastebook is on the top of that list. 


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  1. Michelle #

    You will not believe this….I just told Carol today that I am going to make a “Family Recipe” cookbook this year and include my mom’s favorite recipes so we can all have copies. I said I was going to give you one too, since you are our twin foodie cousin 🙂 Then I just saw your post!!!

    Now, if I actually get around to do it will be one thing, but I love yours better then the one I saw. Great idea-keep the blogs coming!

    October 13, 2009
  2. cherala34 #

    OMG – I love it Michelle. That is an great idea. I’d love to do a post about some of your mom’s recipes. If I ever had the courage to actually sleep over before the age of 20 I might have experienced more than them:)

    October 14, 2009
  3. Michelle #

    LOL! My mom didn’t have a lot of recipes…my dad was strickly a meat and no carbs guy so there wasn’t much room to think out of the box. However, the ones she was known for I want to make sure my girls inherit. She mad the worlds best potato salad, oriental salad and cream cheese bread cookies (actually all of her Christmas cookies were the best, which is why I started my cookie exchange 6 yrs ago)!

    My sisters and I are actually the ones that enjoyed cooking a little more-Carol and I just got into a fight b/c a mutual friend of ours had a baby and we both made the same dish for her!! It is Carol’s recipe so she gets dibs, back to the kitchen for me-HA!

    October 14, 2009

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