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GreenFest Recap

GreenFest 021

My “green” husband got up at the crack of dawn as a volunteer for GreenFest – I strolled down to the festivities, coffee in hand, around 11:30 a.m. No surprise there, I’m sure. GreenFest is like Disneyworld to someone like Ryan – he  interacts with representatives from dozens of organizations, engages in meaningful Q&As with green experts, and samples food and drink. This is the one area we have in common.

GreenFest 055

With camera in hand, I did my best to capture the tastes and flavors of the sustainable food theme for all of you. I discovered a local coffee grower, watched apple cider being made, found a nearby vegetarian caterer, and met the master distiller from Philadelphia Distilling.  The distiller was promoting his absinthe, which was of particular interest to us because we brought a bottle of absinthe on our honeymoon causing Ryan to be detained by customs for an extended period of time that nearly caused me to have a panic attack on the other side of customs. Hard to believe, I know. And while I was sad to see that absinthe literally washed down the drain, I was overwhelmingly relieved when the new hubby was “released” back to me.
There was a lot to see today, but here are my top five finds:


5. The Greenwood Kitchen: Lansdowne couple with a no wheat, no gluten, vegan snack company:

4. Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters: West Chester-based coffee roaster and distributer. Coffee was quite good. We bought a pound of the Bird-Friendly Blend – a 100% Organic Shade Grown coffee.

3. Cinnamon Roll from Clock Tower Cafe in Paoli: Their cinnamon roll was one of the best, whole grain baked goods made without refined sugar that I’ve had.

2. Kiwi Magazine: I thought I’d heard of every magazine in the world. This one is aimed at “growing families the natural and organic way.” It is fun, friendly and interesting. Offers a lot of great crafts and recipes for kids .

1. My lucky apple: The Headhouse Farmers market, which resided in the middle of today’s GreenFest, was overflowing with giant, juicy apples. We picked two and jumped in a long line of apple buyers. When Ryan handed my apple to me, we discovered a ladybug on the stem. A photographer from Frommer’s travel guides happened to be taking pics of the farmstand and asked us if he could photograph our soon-to-be famous apple and we happily obliged. Ladybugs represent luck and wishes so I’m closing my eyes now and making a wish…


Here are some additional pics from the festival:

GreenFest 034                   GreenFest 065
GreenFest 038                    apple cider   
  GreenFest 080
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  1. MIL #

    WOW! I just KNEW there must b a way to get Ryan into a shirt that isn’t charcoal gray, charcoal black, charcoal brown, charcoal green, or just plain charcoal (trying to force a visual of Ryan’s wardrobe as something with vairety) – A GREEN-FEST!!!!

    September 15, 2009
  2. MIL #

    That word would be V A R I E T Y.

    September 15, 2009

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