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Je T’aime the marketplace

I had long dreamed of going to Paris. When planning our wedding, Ryan and I even considered getting married there until we realized that we had to be residents of France for 30 days first. While I was certainly not against the idea of living in Paris for a month, it wasn’t quite feasable given our two jobs based in Philadelphia. So we did the next best thing and planned a two-week honeymoon for Paris after our small Cape May wedding in April.


The cafes and boulangeries were exactly what I imagined – and more. We indulged in baguettes, tarts, sole with buerre blanc, escargot, creme carmel, mussles and frites…and more. My favorite foodie experience was the Rue Cler market, which is basically the French version of Philly’s Italian Market.  But bigger, better, sweeter…

You have never been to a cheese shop until Paris. It is like a religious experience. Even butter takes on a life of its own – the shops had giant, salted tubs of butter along with the most decadent array of stinky, salty cheeses imaginable. Ryan is an excellent cheese buyer and consistently selected the richest, most intense fromages during our stay in Paris. Here is the master at work…


Ah the boulangerie! I discovered that one of the best things about Paris was my carefree approach to eating. Eating and indulging is like your job in Paris. I was obligated to eat apple tarts, macroons, and croissants with butter and jam – something I rarely did at home (certainly not without guilt). So I did.

paris3No visit to a farmer’s market would be complete without fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Everything looks and tastes better in Paris. From the unique shape of the strawberries to an artful display of simple radishes, the market is alive. The day I spent there was truly one of my favorites because I felt very much of apart of Parisian life. Kind of like Julia Child when she arrives in France – curious, joyous, and most of all hungry.

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